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Barcode Sticker Price in BD

Barcode Stickers for your barcode machines. These Stickers are manufactured by us providing High Quality. There are customizable options. The price will depend on quantity.

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These are high-quality Barcode Stickers which are manufactured in Bangladesh. We have various sizing and gum options. We can make it customizable for your needs. Call us now for more info !!!

Barcode stickers are being used in SATO Barcode Label PrinterZebra Barcode Printer and more!

  • Common Sizes are:
  • 110mm X 150mm
  • 110mm X 55mm
  • 55mm X 25mm
  • 38mm X 25mm

Also, there are other options for you !!

  • Available Colors: Multiple Colors (Customizable)
  • Material: Thermal Paper & Thermal Transfer Paper
  • Numbering Type:  Shade Layer
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Size: Customized
  • Packaging Type: Carton




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